The journey to Kerry

Having been born and raised in North London, I first learnt to fish in my early teenage years… initially around small ponds near where I lived, which I have since realised probably didn’t actually have any fish in them. I guess I developed one of the most important skills needed, patience. Often made easier by my trusty Cadet issued Hexi cooker, making me and my friends cups of tea and super noodles to while away the time.

If I wasn’t trying to fish, I was loitering around the local tackle shop, no doubt driving the bloke that ran it mad with my constant questions of “What is this?” Or “What can you catch with this?”. I didn’t quite realise at the time that he had fed me with a wealth of knowledge that would serve me well later in life. He certainly pointed me in the directions of bodies of water that actually contained fish, which is quite helpful if you actually want to catch anything other than super noodles.

I certainly wouldn’t proclaim to be a master angler of any sort, but I have tried lots of different types of fishing across the world and always had a great time in doing so. The suspense of waiting for a bite, the thrill of the rod bending and reel screaming never gets old. Sadly, adult life meant that I found it hard to make time to dedicate to fishing and only ever went on the occasional trip with my extremely passionate uncle, to help me keep scratching the angling itch.

Fishing from a sandbar in Abu Dhabi.
Carp fishing in Devon.

Then came 2020 and Coronavirus… the world as we knew it came to a grinding halt. Living in central London during lockdown was certainly trying, being stuck in a lovely shiny white box took its toll and I found myself pining for the great outdoors and wishing for a simpler life. The very slim silver lining of the Coronavirus lockdown was that companies realised you did not have to physically be in the office to be productive, in fact most people were far more productive working from home… seeing an opportunity, I managed to arrange to continue to work remotely, even beyond COVID.

Hard not to be mesmerised by views like this, around the lakes in Killarney.

A few years earlier, my girlfriend and I had spent the best part of a year in Ireland mainly Dublin but also for a few months in her family home in Kerry, in which my girlfriend went through a great struggle to get me to leave. I absolutely fell head over heels in love with The Kingdom. Fast forward to today and we took the opportunity that presented itself to us, and made the move across the Irish Sea to the gorgeous mountains of County Kerry.

Now here we are…

I have started this blog to journal my findings and experiences, exploring all that this magnificent place has to offer, in particular the world renown fishing. I hope you enjoy!! Sláinte

One thought on “The journey to Kerry

  1. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Good to have you here. There’s plenty of beauty and fishing in this country to last for years, so take your time.

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