Chasing monsters

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to try a spectacular, but locally infamous fishing spot, one that is not for the fainthearted or the foolish. Only fishable during a certain set of conditions, unless you fancy your last swim in the sea. Catch reports of Pollock, Wrasse, Dogfish and Bull Huss provided plentyContinue reading “Chasing monsters”

Fishing and the positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing

With the world and the vast majority of everyone on it currently struggling with the impact that Coronavirus has had, whether it’s home-schooling, the impact on work/life balance or even just being stuck in lockdown, it is times like these that the benefits fishing brings really comes into its own. It’s no secret, when IContinue reading “Fishing and the positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing”

Goals for 2021

When I first arrived in Kerry, I had the sole aim of catching a fish, any fish… it didn’t really matter. I just wanted to get down the fundamentals of sea fishing. On my most recent trips, I have started to catch a decent stamp of fish and now I am starting to have theContinue reading “Goals for 2021”

Fishing with friends

Just before lockdown struck, I had a week off from work and managed to fish quite a few different venues. It was great to get out and make the most of the diminishing weather and little did I know, freedom. I finally had a chance to try and fish the ever-so-special Inch Strand, the placeContinue reading “Fishing with friends”

The one that almost got away

After the elation of catching my first fish in Kerry, I had a new-found spring in my step and confidence in my ability to catch fish. So I made my way back down to Rossbeigh to see if I couldn’t hook me up some more fish… I decided to fish the tide for 3 hoursContinue reading “The one that almost got away”

Back to basics

After spending countless hours trying to hook my first bass, I figured I would take things back to basics. After all, I was not only trying to learn to fish in the sea but also use a vast spectrum of lures for the first time too! I decided to simplify things and remove a hugeContinue reading “Back to basics”

The steep blank learning cliff

A few weeks ago, the stars aligned and my imminent release from quarantine coincided with some time-off from work. After all the months of reading up about sea fishing, tidal mechanics, wind directions, scouting out potential fishing spots, watching a plethora of YouTube content and trying to learn the intricacies of lure fishing, it wasContinue reading “The steep blank learning cliff”

The journey to Kerry

Having been born and raised in North London, I first learnt to fish in my early teenage years… initially around small ponds near where I lived, which I have since realised probably didn’t actually have any fish in them. I guess I developed one of the most important skills needed, patience. Often made easier byContinue reading “The journey to Kerry”