Goals for 2021

When I first arrived in Kerry, I had the sole aim of catching a fish, any fish… it didn’t really matter. I just wanted to get down the fundamentals of sea fishing. On my most recent trips, I have started to catch a decent stamp of fish and now I am starting to have the desire to target specific species. It does seem like life is laughing at best laid plans more so than usual though at the moment, but anyone who knows me, knows that I am not one be told that I cannot achieve something. So I thought why not set myself some goals for the year. I am taking part in a friendly species hunt with some friends with nothing but bragging rights at stake. Aside from the hunt, here are some of my aims this year…

Catch a fish on a lure

When I moved across to Ireland, I came armed with a box full of lures and a lovely new spinning rod. Anyone that has read my first few posts will know that it was tough going and I didn’t manage to catch a single fish until I switched to using bait. I would love to catch a fish on my light spinning set up, any species really. Would be great to finally christen the set up.

This was the start of my lure collection, it’s quite a lot bigger now.

Catch a Bass… any which way

I have had my eye and my heart set on catching a bass. They have so far alluded me, even when people I’m fishing with are catching them next to me. I am determined to catch one… any which way.

I had thought this sliver of silver was a bass when reeling in. One day… I will catch that bass

Learn to fly fish

I’ve long held the view that fly fishing is something of an art form and is inherently complicated. It certainly breaks with the fundamentals of all the other types of fishing where you attach a weight to your line for casting, as opposed to fly fishing where your line is your weight. Living almost on the bank of a fantastic salmon and trout river, it seems like it would be a great opportunity missed to not try and learn this mystic art form.

I’ve got most of the gear but do I have any idea?

Catch a Salmon on the fly

This one obviously requires the above to have been achieved to a certain extent, but the prospect of hooking into an Atlantic salmon on such a small fly and a light rod has great appeal. I’m certainly in the right place and have the determination to give it a good shot.

Here be Salmon and trout galore… apparently

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2021

  1. Well done keep it up glad it’s coming together for you fly fishing is a great sport even when you don’t get many, but heart stopping when you eventually get a salmon very difficult to keep them on the line

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    1. Thanks for the comment Jonathan!

      Certainly enjoying my first foray into fly fishing, it’s a very different beast to every kind of fishing I have ever tried. I can’t wait until I can start catching and the prospect of a salmon gets me ever so slightly excited.

      Liked by 1 person

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