Fishing with friends

Just before lockdown struck, I had a week off from work and managed to fish quite a few different venues. It was great to get out and make the most of the diminishing weather and little did I know, freedom. I finally had a chance to try and fish the ever-so-special Inch Strand, the placeContinue reading “Fishing with friends”

The one that almost got away

After the elation of catching my first fish in Kerry, I had a new-found spring in my step and confidence in my ability to catch fish. So I made my way back down to Rossbeigh to see if I couldn’t hook me up some more fish… I decided to fish the tide for 3 hoursContinue reading “The one that almost got away”

Back to basics

After spending countless hours trying to hook my first bass, I figured I would take things back to basics. After all, I was not only trying to learn to fish in the sea but also use a vast spectrum of lures for the first time too! I decided to simplify things and remove a hugeContinue reading “Back to basics”